The Portuguese people have a saying that we do not appreciate what is ours, and we only see value in foreign things… We, on the other hand, are passionate about our country, our cities, our food, our music, our History, our landscapes, our weather, our people…and we want you to fall in love with all of this too!

We offer you authentic and unforgettable experiences… we can guarantee that you will have a nice tale to tell your friends and family! Passionate travelers ourselves, we know the feeling of wanting to have a real experience of another country that we know nothing about… and that is what we want to give you! We want to show you what we love as we would show it to one of our friends!

Why are we different?

We offer you comfortable Lisbon private tours and Portugal Private tours in our unique van. What makes it unique? We are one of the only tour companies in the country that has a vehicle with panoramic roofs, which allows you to see everything above you. This is a new and unforgettable experience that you don’t want to miss! Everybody will love it!

Why will I live an Epic Tale?

Epic Tale Lisbon does not want you to experience Lisbon as a tourist or a foreigner… our goal is to show you our city and country as we see it! What makes us different from other tour companies is that we want to show you the real Lisbon and the real Portugal. Also, we want you to experience this country in a different way that you never had. This means that it doesn’t matter if it is the first time or the tenth time that you are in Portugal, you will never experience two equal tours. Each tour is unique! Each one will be an Epic Tale for you! Our Lisbon tours and Portugal tours are meant to show you the country that we love so much, and we bet that after your tour with us… you will love it too!


Our mission

We want you to feel like a true Portuguese! We want you to discover our great History, get amazed with our monuments and all the beautiful legacies that we have, but we also want you to cry when you hear Fado, we want you to feel in paradise whenever your try a Pastel de Belém, we want you to feel the butterflies in your stomach when you get to a belvedere and see the breathtaking view, we want you to talk to locals, even if they don’t quite understand everything you say…

You are the boss

We have several private tours suggestions available to you. However, these are just our suggestions, you can make all the changes you’d like to the tours, and even create your own tour… you are the boss! We will try to arrange all your requests, assuming these are secure and doable.