Duration: 1:30/2 hours

Where: To be defined (As this is a private workshop, it can happen in your hotel, apartment... for total privacy)

Price per person: 40 euros

Included: All the needed materials

Not included: It does not include the tiles to take as souvenir; if you'd like to receive the painted tiles at your home, they have a cost of extra 10 euros


The word tile comes from the Arabic azzelij, which means small polished stone and was used to designate the Byzantine mosaic of the Middle East. Its use dates back to the ancient Egyptian period and in the Mesopotamian region, having expanded with the Islamic expansion in the North of Africa and Europe, reaching the Iberian Peninsula in the 14th century. Only reaching Portugal in the 16th century, where there was already a long experience in ceramic production

Come and learn more about the tiles and learn how to paint your own tile... this a unique experience!